Media Help Needed

Our BIGGEST need right now is getting the information out to all the local healthcare organizations that we have a solution on the way. This includes doctors and dentists offices, EMS and first responders, hospice and home health groups etc.

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Jennifer Reyes, Director of Clinical Operations at Victory Medical, was struggling with the lack of PPE within her clinics and turned to Austin and the surrounding community via social media for assistance in sewing masks for healthcare workers. Make-A-Mask was created on Facebook as a “Call to action for all local sewers” late Friday evening and quickly went viral with #MakeAMaskSewers. The post has already reached 20,000 people and it is believed that tens of thousands of masks are being prepared and on their way to the Austin community from all over the USA. The media is needed to help get the word out to local healthcare organizations on how to register for the sewn mask distribution. The sewn masks will be worn OVER their surgical and N95 masks but only the sewn masks will be changed out in between each patient, prolonging the life of their medical grade masks. Please reference the following link for more information on the Make-A-Mask program:

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