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Jennifer Reyes is the Director of Clinical Operations for Victory Medical Family Practice and Urgent Centers in the Austin area, and personally struggles with having supplies for her own staff. She launched a call to action via social media that went viral and it is estimated now that we have tens of thousands of sewn masks coming into the Austin area over the next few weeks. By registering on this form, you are adding your name to the sewn mask distribution list and someone will call you to coordinate delivery as masks start to arrive. At this time we are focusing solely on healthcare organizations (doctors and dentist offices, EMS and first responder groups, home health and hospice agencies etc) We ask that you ONLY put down a supervisor or director level point of contact that has APPROVED the use of the sewn masks in their organization.

Here is how we advise you to roll out with the SEWN mask protocol:

It is advised that medical staff NEVER wear these as primary masks or only as a last resort. Our goal and instructions are for the sewn masks to be worn OVER a surgical or N95 mask. Kind of like a cover if you will. You can switch out the sewn mask in between each patient and prolong the life of your medical grade mask for a much longer period. Then, with the sewn masks, you can soak...launder... and reuse. We are working in unexplored territory at this time, and this is a temporary solution until medical grade masks become more available. Please be safe and thank you for all your continued efforts in this trying time for our country.

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